Recruiting advice from the front lines

About me

I’m Aaron Backman, a Seattle based Recruiting Manager working for a software consulting firm in the area. I have had the amazing chance to work in so many industries and had exposure to many different approaches to recruiting talented people.

I started in the recruiting world supporting tech-giant Microsoft, while supporting them I wore many hats and my day to day activities were all over the board, and never boring. Working for global giants, and startups alike gave me some great insight to how hiring is done in across industries.

I’ve had the chance to work on the agency side as well as corporate side recruiting environments, with teams who had no HR all the way up to companies with 100 recruiters and countless support personnel. My current niche is supporting Software Development, but in the past I was centralized on hard to find and highly skilled engineering and high-volume hiring of logistics talent. I like to take the human approach to hiring, it is such a stressful time and process for candidates and companies alike – so why not do everything you can to make it as painless as possible for everyone?!

During my work days I spent the majority of my time researching how I can be better at my job, and I learned along the way that there was a strong disconnect between the “thought leaders” and the “do-ers” and it has always bugged me. I appreciate the perspective, and the guidance that a CHRO can provide, though the advice given to front-line professionals like you and me has never really given me any solid take-away. I want to share what it is really like to be a recruiter who cares about what they do, the people they work with and help others navigate through the many hurdles we all face.

When I’m not talking to Software Developers about the cool things they’re working on I am at home with my husband, garden, and PS4 or out camping somewhere.